Get in the Tent

Don’t be “that guy” trying to sneak into a tent. Make your friends jealous by purchasing wristbands for the tent with the best BBQ, the best bars, and the best bands. The longer you wait, the more expensive they get – so get off your couch and get it DONE!

Tickets are $50 for Thursday, $95 for Friday, and $105 for Saturday.

Cookoff Sponsors

Be a Sponsor

Sponsor the best damn BBQ Cook Off team in Texas! We have all the tools to create an unforgettable weekend, but we can’t do it without the help of our partners. Different sponsorship levels offer different perks, but one thing is for certain: you and all of your people will be well-fed and entertained.

2020 Donor Packages

Benefits Hickory Oak Pecan Apple Mesquite
Wristbands 100 wristbands divided between 3 nights 40 Saturday Night wristbands 35 Friday Night wristbands 25 Saturday Night wristbands 15 Friday Night wristbands
Recognition on DIM website
Company name on outside board
Banner inside tent, provided by donor 30 sq. ft. Max 9 sq. ft. Max 9 sq. ft. Max
Recognition by band

*We can customize a package to fit your needs and budget. Please contact Scott (832-969-7704) or Jeff (832-248-2528) for options.